About Us

Established in 2015 to become a leader in property development and management in Portugal real estate market with specialization in Rehabilitation and Renovation. The partners have more than 7 years of vast business activity in Portugal with more than 150 employees.

After a deep economic recession that lasted all the way to 2014, Portugal is showing a great recovery and predicted to continue with that direction in the following years. After 3 years of market analysis we have decided to start our investments in 2016, one year after Fortera Group was created. Less than 2 years after the group is developing and managing multiple projects with more than 240 apartments.

The group is exit oriented and focused on a short medium term projects (up to 36 months) which brings maximum value to our investors and minimum risk. We focus on rehabilitation and reselling (even though we do have some managed projects). Our team of local experts is always out there looking for the next deal while keeping attention to extensive
due-diligence and profit probability.

The experience in the local market with the proven ability of tracking high value deals has entitled us to become a very successful group with high ROI.


  • Buy under market price
  • Perform a quick betterment process
  • Negotiate for the best outcome
  • Succeed and move forward to the next investment

To bring the best R.O.I on our investments.


  • Position Fortera Group as a partner of excellence
  • Guide investors to economic prosperity
  • Strong reputation as an important source of investment
  • Ensure continuous improvement

To be a group recognized by it’s investors as a synonym for quality and differentiation, guaranteeing the success of all stakeholders, employees and partners ensuring the continuity of the strength of our structure.


  • Property locating and acquisitions
  • Finance arrangements
  • Project management and resale
  • Quality Control
  • Legal and tax department perspective
  • Golden visa

We do it all

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