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Investimento em imóveis no Porto

Buying a property in portugal for golden visa?

It can also be a great investment Many investors around the world are buying properties in portugal to get a golden Visa.

The golden visa in portugal has became the most successful scheme of visa in Europe due to his light bureaucracy. But many investors forget that investing 500k for a property can also become a great investment and not just a tool of getting a visa.

Many golden visa investors are buying an apartment which is overpriced or in the best scenario is in the market price, yes, they get a visa but they are missing the options and the huge opportunities there are in the market. Unfortunately many realtors are using the fact and adjusting the prices of the properties to fit the golden visa requirements. An investor should and can look to get not only the visa but also the best investment at the same time.

We at fortera group are dealing with pure entrepreneurship which allows our investors to get both at the same time, the golden visa and the maximisation of the investment. For example instead of buying a one house/apartment in Lisbon in 500 k to get the visa they can get with us 3-4 apartments in porto which will give them a secure income every month and high probability for appreciation of the properties. Investing is an art, be an artist.


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