Buying Property in Portugal

Buy Property in Portugal


Buying property in Portugal is one of the most popular and attractive options for both investors and non-EU residents. Buying property in Portugal can be an overwhelming process.

Nowadays Portugal has established itself as popular property investment destination and one of the most desirable places to purchase a property abroad. Here you can enjoy perfect weather and amazing culture, historical places, football, theatre and so many other things, there is something for everyone.

For golf lovers, you will be pleased to know that Portugal has the best golf courses in the world. Despite growing in prices in real estate market, it is still affordable to buy property in Portugal. For buying property in Portugal one must have Portuguese Fiscal Number. However, for a Portuguese non-resident buying property in Portugal will need to designate a Portuguese Tax Representative.


There are two ways to buy property in Portugal:

  1. Using own capital – a relatively easy option since you don’t have to go through the process of applying for a loan.
  1. Applying for a loan from a Portuguese financial institution/bank.

Note that the Portuguese banks always demand the registration of a mortgage on the property being bought.


Buying a real estate in Portugal is one of the easiest ways to qualify for a Golden Visa. The requirements are simple and you have several qualifying investment options including:

The acquisition of real estate in Portugal property valued at or above € 500,000.

Buying property in Portugal that is 30 years or older and located in urban regeneration areas valued at or above €350,000.


Compared to the rest of Europe, Portugal remains an excellent country to invest in property.

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