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Apartamentos Campanhã - Porto

Rehabilitation of Campanhã 75M Investment

The Chamber of Porto today presented the Urban Rehabilitation Operation of the Campanhã-Estação ARU, delimited in June 2015. The action program related to this systematic operation provides for a deep reconversion and urban rehabilitation operation, associated with a global investment of approximately EUR 75 million over a period of ten years.
ORU of Campanhã-Estação
The territorial and social cohesion of the City is a priority of the current Municipal Executive, with a view to the harmonious development of the whole of its territory, a concern that has resulted in a set of integrated projects and actions. In this sense, the City Council defined the eastern part of the city as a priority in its planning and investment action.

Over the last three years, the urban planning effort has been focused, in addition to the current PDM review process, on increasing actions aimed at stimulating urban rehabilitation, defined precisely as one of the pillars of this executive’s policy.

The concept of Urban Rehabilitation should be broad enough not to be limited to operations in the historic center or central areas of the city, but should be extended to consolidated areas where there is a need for re-qualification and revitalization, or where there is a lack of infrastructures , the qualification of the urban environment, or of a social nature. With the delimitation of the Campanhã-Estação ARU, and with the future ARU of Corujeira-Cerco do Porto, Lordelo do Ouro, and Foz Velha, the municipality of Porto will have 11 ARUs, with more than 26% of its integrated surface in Areas of Urban Rehabilitation.

The ARU of Campanhã-Estação is, therefore, strategic and exemplary. Being the first delimited outside the traditional center of the city, its territory concentrates a series of problems and threats, but also of potentialities and opportunities. The Operation now proposed aims precisely to take advantage of the unique potential of this territory, related to the proximity and complementarity with respect to the city center, the existence of important mobility infrastructures, a river front with a high potential, significant environmental and patrimonial values and an availability of land already rare in the territory of the municipality.

In addition to the benefits and incentives to Urban Rehabilitation, which has been in force since ARU’s delimitation, this Rehabilitation Operation proposes a program of action that links the municipality to a very significant investment effort. Its main objectives are to increase economic competitiveness, to qualify its social fabric, to improve housing and welfare conditions, and to renew the image of the eastern part of the city.

The Operation intends to generate a qualified territory, of excellence, to live, work and enjoy nature, in an area that today plays a central role in the organization of the metropolitan area and in the articulation between the center and the periphery, that affirms itself as a new and qualified development pole of the City and Region.

The implementation of the proposed territorial strategy for the Campanhã-Estação ARU envisages the promotion of five strategic axes: (i) economic activity, (ii) sustainable mobility, (iii) qualification of the urban environment, (iv) environmental sustainability , and (v) social inclusion and active citizenship, based on the implementation of a portfolio of structuring projects, which are assumed as key initiatives for the generation of new dynamics of urban regeneration in the eastern part of the city of Porto.

Of this set of ten projects, we highlight the construction and consolidation of two strong business areas; the construction of the Campanhã road interface, currently underway; and the resolution of serious housing and public health problems, notably in the Lomba area, where the first integrated rehabilitation project is planned, and in the Antho, Agra and China areas.

Summary of the Campanhã-Estação ORU data

Municipality of Porto: 4140 ha
ARU delimited and delimited: 1089 ha
ARU Campanhã-Season: 143 ha

Investment Planned
Total investment estimated at around 74.7 Million Euros.

(News from the Porto News Portal)

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