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Portugal o 5º maior País em investimento imobiliário

Portugal is the 5th Best Country in the World to Invest in Real Estate

Portugal climbed a place in the world ranking of the best countries to invest in real estate, occupying now, in January, the fifth position. Leading the list, for the seventh consecutive month, continue the USA, Spain and Italy, in this order, complete the podium. The great sensation of the month was Greece, which went up 18 places and eventually overtaken Portugal.

The data in question were disclosed by the TheMoveChannel, the leading international independent real estate website, which evaluates the global interest of investors on a monthly basis.

“After a year of political uncertainty, of discussing the national debt and a potential ‘Grexit’ in 2017, Greece’s lifestyle appeal has not disappeared. In fact, it’s more affordable than ever after house prices have fallen for the last eight consecutive years, “said Dan Johnson, director of TheMoveChannel.

According to the official, the lead of the ranking by the US is unquestionable: “American property continues to be one of the most attractive in the world. The economy of the country, regardless of its political situation, is stable, with the Federal Reserve still in progress to raise interest rates again this year. ”


(News from the internet page Idealista News)


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