Quick Guide to Buying Property in Portugal

In this brief guide to buying a house in Portugal, we offer you some tips to consider before buying your house in Portugal.

Regarding the choice of housing, always keep in mind the following aspects:

– Construction quality of the property: materials used thermal and acoustic insulation, finishes, installations…

– State of conservation of the house, common areas, neighborhood, situation, noise, green spaces, proximity to green spaces, future infrastructures…

Quick Guide to Buying Property in Portugal

Once you are clear about the house you want to acquire, the second stage begins.

1- You must sign a deposit agreement, or promise, where the transaction conditions of the property will be established.

It is a legal document, so it is advisable to review experts on the subject to avoid taking unnecessary risks. In this contract, an economic signal is given, previously agreed with the owner, which will serve as a reservation for the home.

2- Documents that must be submitted in writing:

  • Copies of the registration certified by Conservatoire do Registo Predial (CRP).
  • Caderneta Predial (or in case it does not exist, Certidao Matricial) updated and issued by the competent body.
  • If the house in Portugal is considered a cultural heritage, in classification or located in a protected area, you must submit documents from the Municipal Chamber and IGESPAR, demonstrating the waiver of the right of preference that the state has over the house.
  • Valid habitability license of the property, issued by the Municipal Chamber of the Council where it is located.
  • The official document that shows having paid the Municipal Tax on Onerous Transmissions of Real Estate (IMT).

Habitability Technical File.

Energy certificate and air quality of the building, issued by the SCE (National Energy Certification System)

This public deed is where they are made: the transaction of the property, the contracting and conditions of the credit, and the constitution of the mortgage if these were necessary.

Once the writing is done, within 60 days, it is necessary to register it in the Portuguese finances.

Suggestion: When buying an apartment in Portugal also known as (Comprar Apartamento t1)it is important to be rigorous in the process.

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