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Guide to buying property in Portugal

If you want to enjoy and spend the rest of your life outstanding white beaches, organic food, excellent local wine, golf resorts, water sports and an extremely pleasurable climate then Portugal is best option you have. For that you need to buy Property in Portugal or Apartamentos no Porto. For foreigner, it’s not very difficult […]

Buy and Invest In Portugal Property

Buying Property in Portugal Nowadays become a hot investment. It’s beautiful coast, attractive climate and friendly communities have made Portugal a top destination to leave especially for expats looking to relocate.   75% of people own their own homes in Portugal, which is 10% higher than the average homeownership rates in the UK or USA. […]

Things To Consider Before Buying Property in Portugal

Buying a property in Portugal is one of the best decisions you can make. In recent year Portugal has become the best choice for expatriates and pensioners not only as a place to holiday but also as an official residence for people all around the world. The Franco-Portuguese chamber of commerce and industry declares that […]

Quick Guide to Buying Property in Portugal

In this brief guide to buying a house in Portugal, we offer you some tips to consider before buying your house in Portugal. Regarding the choice of housing, always keep in mind the following aspects: – Construction quality of the property: materials used thermal and acoustic insulation, finishes, installations… – State of conservation of the […]

6 Tips on Selecting to A Real Estate Agent

6 Tips on Selecting to A Real Estate Agent

Choosing a real estate agent to help you buy or sell a home is a tough decision. Use these tips to find out more about an agent before you hire.1. Experience: Anyone can call themselves a Luxury Real Estate Agent, but typically the proof is in the transactions. Handling a multi-million dollar sale can have […]

5 Reasons to Buy a Home during the Holiday Season

5 Reasons to Buy a Home during the Holiday Season

Home buying during the holiday season may seem to be a crazy task to try to tackle but, the holidays are actually a great time to find real estate deals.In most parts of Portugal, house sales follow predictable seasonal patterns. They’re strongest in surrender and bottom out around Christmas and the New Year before picking […]

3 Myths about the Real Estate – Fortera Group SGPS

Discover the top 3 real estate myths that many homeowners believe, and then find out the facts with help from Fortera Myth #1 spring is the best time to sell a home. Historically, real estate seasons were tied to summer and the end of the school year. Families were the typical buyers or sellers, and […]