Why buy a property in Portugal?

Why Buy Property in Portugal? Many people consider investing in their own home in the sun so is investing in Portugal a good idea?


Why buy a property in Portugal

Are you looking for a holiday home or considering a permanent move abroad, your first fundamental decision will obviously be where to buy? There are various worldwide destinations where you can buy property, but Portugal offers various benefits in terms of investment and lifestyle. There are so many different factors that motivate many people to buy property in Portugal. Such as:

Enjoying the Lifestyles

  • Portugal offers something for everyone!! From the green mountains of the North to the sun-soaked sands in the South, this small but geographically diverse country has a climate and landscape to suit all tastes.
  • With a low cost of living and property price, you will have extra cash for some little luxuries or maybe even buy your dream house.
  • Winter blues banishment with over 3000 hours of sunshine a year!
  • One of the oldest European nations with a richly diverse culture.
  • The benefit of quality education at a local Portuguese school or one of the international schools.

Spending your money wisely

The confidence of owning property in a politically stable democracy that has a growing economy.

  • Wide choice of properties with prices to suit any budget.
  • Golden visa- non-EU residents can qualify for a golden visa for residency in Portugal when they make a property purchase of €500,000 or more.


  • easily accessible from all European countries with short flight times and since the advent of budget airlines long weekends in the sun are both affordable and practical.
  • European Union citizens do not need any visas to live, work or buy property in Portugal.
  • You can relax knowing you are in a safe, stable and family friendly country.

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