Palacio Carmo

Article Expresso Economia | 09 November 2020

Fortera turns Convento do Carmo into apartments

Investment totals 10 million euros

The Fortera group will transform Convento do Carmo, in Braga into a complex with 70 apartments to which it adds some services, in an investment of € 10 million. The work on the convent, founded in 1564, will begin next year and should be completed in 2023, the group announced this Monday. Located in the ARU area, a few steps from the Braga market, in the historic center of the city, the project also includes a bar, pool, restaurant, gym, lounge and outdoor spaces.
It will bring a new life to the space that was in the beginning a convent, but it was also a military hospital, college and leisure and recreation space. The objective of the Fortera group is “to preserve the magic of the place”, says its executive president, Elad Dror.

The Fortera Group, specialized in the luxury segment, announced a global investment of € 250 million in pipeline, which includes the Skyline project, in Vila Nova de Gaia, a € 100 million project signed by the architect Souto Moura.
In the last four years, the company completed 9 real estate projects in Gaia, Porto and Espinho, corresponding to an investment of € 21 million, and in 2019 the amount invested in acquisitions totaled € 45 million.

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