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Private group invests 70 million euros in Espinho

The Israeli group “Fortera” is prepared to invest some € 70 million in a venture aimed at housing, trade, services and hotel in Espinho. The project is pending recognition by the municipality of an enterprise with public interest.

According to information from the City Council, the project called “Espinho Business Center – New Business and Tourism Center in the south of the city” and an entire planned urban operation, “reconfigures the entire south of the city, continuing the ReCafe [Requalification of the Railroad Channel of Espinho] “. It will have “a great impact on the development and refinement of the territory in the southern part of the city, between Ruas do Golf, Rua 43 and Ribeira de Silvalde”. In other words, it must be born next to the old Municipal Slaughterhouse of Espinho and develop in all the free space attached. In addition to the investment of 70 million euros, it is planned to create 132 jobs during the execution and around 150 jobs after completion. However, the realization of this enterprise will have to have, in the next week, a favorable vote by the City Council in the recognition of an enterprise with strategic public interest for the municipality. After this first consent, the recognition will have to be submitted for approval by the Municipal Assembly. The autarchy says that the “Fortera Group” project already considers favorable to the Coordination Commission of the North Region, the Portuguese Environment Agency and the IP-Infrastructures of Portugal. “It is a housing and business complex developed through a new urban area, with large areas of public green spaces, with a set of infrastructures that allows for well-being and an easy and safe pedestrian and car circulation”. Original article.