Riverside vestígios arqueológicos

Archaeological remains found near Castelo de Gaia

Archaeological remains have been found near the Castle of Gaia, which is thought to be the remains of a paleo-Christian basilica dating from the 4th to the 9th centuries. 

On the ground there were remains of epigraphs, sundials, altar pillars and remains of a marble gate.

Therefore, it is intended to rescue the findings so that they can be displayed by the patrimonial and didactic value that they have, being an active part of the county’s history.

Fortera’s objective is always “to integrate itself in the places, trying not only to contribute to the construction, but also to contribute to the communities, in this case a discovery that is part of the history of Gaia, and to try to combine what may be the future of Gaia with its past ”says architect Hélder Agostinho.

This land is where the Riverside project is projected.

Source: Porto Canal.