Nova ponte entre Porto Gaia

Metro do Porto

New bridge between Porto and Gaia (next door to Riverside) will cost 50 million

Vai ligar o Campo Alegre ao Arrábida Shopping. Concurso público internacional será lançado e vai nascer a Linha Rosa do Metro do Porto e a Amarela será aumentada.

It will connect Campo Alegre to Arrábida Shopping. International public tender will be launched and the Pink Line of the Porto Metro will be born and the Yellow Line will be increased.

The public tender for the design of a new bridge over the Douro River, which will enable the so-called “second line” of Vila Nova de Gaia metro, launched this Tuesday, in Porto, with the presence of the Prime Minister.

At issue is the launch of the international public tender for the design of the new bridge, exclusively for the metro, and the opening of a contest of ideas for the project, whose jury is composed of 11 elements that will be revealed this Tuesday, as stated in the invitation sent to the press by the guardianship. According to TSF, Eduardo Souto de Moura, Alexandre Alves Costa, Inês Lobo and professor Rui Calçada are part of the jury.

The new crossing to connect Porto and Gaia by metro should be between the bridges of Arrábida and Luís I and will serve a new line from Vila Nova de Gaia, between Santo Ovídio and Casa da Música, in Porto. The bridge should connect Campo Alegre, in Porto, to Arrábida Shopping, in Gaia, details the TSF.

In addition to the Prime Minister, António Costa, the presentation also includes the presence of the Minister for the Environment and Climate Action, João Pedro Matos Fernandes, and the Secretary of State for Mobility, Eduardo Pinheiro.

The Government estimates to spend around 50 million euros on the project, financed by the Recovery and Resilience Plan. To TSF, Matos Fernandes said that the Government is “in a hurry to make these investments so that the economy can recover after the pandemic”. However, “there are things we cannot do quickly and one of them is a bridge over the Douro River, between two terrains in Porto and Gaia, 500 meters to the source of Edgar Cardoso’s greatest work, which is the Ponte da Arrábida, and the west of the Luis I Bridge, which is a bridge from the Eiffel school. It has to be a very careful project ”.

Faced with an “extraordinary technical challenge”, the Minister of Environment wants to “attract the best bridge designers in the world” for this competition, with a project delivery deadline of four months.

Increased Yellow Line

This Tuesday’s event also includes the contract for the construction of the Pink Line and the extension of the Yellow Line of Metro do Porto.

As far as the Yellow Line, the extension of Santo Ovídio to Vila d’Este, in Gaia, is at stake, while the Pink Line consists on a new route in Porto between the area of S. Bento / Praça da Liberdade and Casa da Música.

About the contract in Vila Nova de Gaia, the mayor, Eduardo Vítor Rodrigues, revealed on Monday, on the sidelines of a town hall meeting, that “the construction of the shipyards starts this week”, one of which will be near the Hospital de Gaia, near the Vila d’Este roundabout, with a second scheduled for Santo Ovídio, next to the local tennis court.
This Tuesday’s ceremony will take place in the Gardens of the Palácio de Cristal, starting at 11 am, and will be “restricted”, being “reduced to two representatives from each municipality”, said the Mayor of Vila Nova de Gaia, referring to to its municipality and to Porto, cities that are on the opposite banks of the Douro River.

In January it was announced that the Court of Auditors (TdC) gave the green light to the works for the construction of the Pink Line and the extension of the Yellow Line to Vila d’Este. The TdC visa was given to the contracts signed, in November 2020, between Metro do Porto and the Ferrovial / ACA consortium, for a global amount of 288 million euros. Of this amount, 189 million goes to the Rosa Line, in Porto, and 98.9 million goes to the extension of the Yellow Line, between Santo Ovídio and Vila d’Este.

“The global investment in the two projects is around 407 million euros – including expropriations, projects, inspection, equipment and systems to support exploration,” Metro do Porto told Lusa on 3 March.

The new Pink Line

The new Pink Line (circular) will integrate four stations and about three kilometers of track.

This connection, between the S. Bento / Praça da Liberdade area and the Casa da Música, passes through the Santo António Hospital, Rosa Mota Pavilion, Maternal and Child Center, Galicia Square and the Campo Alegre university center.

The extension of the Yellow Line between Santo Ovídio and the residential area of Vila d’Este will allow the construction of a section with three stations and about three kilometers, passing through the Production Center of RTP and the Hospital de Santos Silva.

Currently, the network is 67 kilometers long, with six lines serving seven municipalities and 82 stations, handling more than 71 million customers annually (figure reported in 2019, the last financial year before the pandemic).


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