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The company was born in 2015 with the aim of becoming a leader in real estate development and management in Portugal, passing through specialization in rehabilitation and renovation.

Investments started in 2016 and, in less than 3 years, Fortera already had the development of multiple projects with more than 270 apartments.

The group is oriented and focused on short-term projects (up to 36 months), which guarantee maximum value for our investors with minimal risk.

Fixated on rehabilitation and sale (not neglecting the management of projects that generate annual income), our team of specialists is in constant search for the next business opportunity, always taking into account the maximization of the operation and the respective profit.

With the proven ability to track high value promotions, it was possible for us to become a very successful group, ensuring a high return on investments.


Fortera partners have more than 8 years of experience in the commercial activity in Portugal, with more than 150 employees. Based on the most demanding ethical principles, the group has sought to establish good employment conditions for all its personnel, providing them with a very dynamic and innovative work method.


  • Perform a quick project improvement process
  • Negotiate for the best result
  • Succeed and move on to the next investment


  • Position Fortera as a partner of excellence
  • Guide investors to economic prosperity
  • Obtain a strong reputation as an important source of investment
  • Ensuring continuous improvement


  • Property location and acquisitions
  • Financial agreements
  • Project management and resale
  • Quality control
  • Legal and tax department perspective
  • Golden visa

our projects​


Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal


Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
Our motto

Quality and integrity.

“Our compromise is to create a brand that is recognized by it’s quality and integrity. That’s our goal, that’s our commitment.”

Elad Dror​

CEO & Co-Founder, Fortera Group